Volunteer CoachingVolunteer coaches make our programs possible. The staff at Pelican Park wishes to say "thank you"  to our coaches!

The leagues at Pelican Park are dependent on all of the volunteers that take time from their busy schedules to make a difference in the lives of children. Consider becoming an important part of a child’s life. Volunteer to coach today!

The Park will soon be implementing background checks for volunteer coaches. The website will be updated with details once the process is in place and this begins. 


In 2013 the Pelican Park implemented a new process for the selection of coaches for every sport. There is now a point system in place for ages that have more coaches than teams available. If your age group requires using the point system for the selection of coaches you may be required to send the Park additional information regarding your history with the sport you’re registering for.

You may be asked to provide the following information in a short time frame of 24 hours. We would like to suggest you start compiling the following information now and be prepared to send it to the Park if needed. We would need proof that:

-  You played high school, college or for a semi-pro or a professional team for the sport you are registering

-  You were a full time coach for high school, college or for a semi-pro or a professional team for the sport you are registering

-  You are or were a certified official for the sport you are registering for

-  You coached for another park for the sport you are registering for

Proof can be in the form of team picture, team roster from website, picture of letter jacket, copy of letterman award, newspaper articles, programs from games, pictures of yearbooks, or anything else that you have to prove you participated on that level.

In addition to the points you will receive for your history you will also receive points for:

-  Registering early to be a coach

-  Your attendance to meetings for that sport

-  Helping at evaluations in which you are registering (2 points per eval session worked)

-  Coaching for more than one team during a season in the past year

-  Attending the coach’s clinics

-  Coaching multiple seasons in a sport

-  Being an AGD or Head Coach at Pelican Park for previous years

There will be a 5 point reduction of points for the following:

-  A person who was ejected by an official from any game at Pelican Park within the past year

-  If Park staff has had to contact the person in the last year, due to problem behavior or a situation in any sport that requires counciling by Park staff and/or the coach put on probation. Calls made for gathering information regarding an incident do not apply.

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