Parents Code of Ethics and Conduct

I will encourage positive sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, age group directors and officials, at every practice and game. I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of any personal desire to win. I will insist my child play in a safe and healthy environment. I will provide support for coaches and officials working with my child, to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for all. I will demand a drug and alcohol free environment for my child, and agree to assist by refraining from their use at practices and games. I will remember that the practices and games are for the children and not the adults. I will do my very best to make sports fun for my child. I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect, regardless of race, creed, sex or ability.

Parents will not curse while at practices or games. Parents will be responsible for the behavior and actions of the other minor children under their care, while at the Park, for practices and games. Parent will always cooperate with game officials, referees, coaches, and age group directors in their duties of progressing games and practices along in an orderly, efficient fashion, by honoring their request for assistance. NO PARENT IS ALLOWED TO ADDRESS AN OFFICIAL WITH COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS DURING OR AFTER A GAME IS CONCLUDED. Parents will provide accurate information regarding their child’s medical history, age, birth dates, years experience, etc. Parents will address their concerns to their coach, age group director, and/or advisory board, in an attempt to resolve their concerns. If satisfaction is not received, the Pelican Park Staff can be addressed, in writing, with concerns, complaints, and/or suggestions. Parents agree not to harass, intimidate, or abuse verbally or physically, any player, parent, coach, referee, Pelican Park staff, etc. Any violation can/will result in dismissal for the parent and/or player from the league. Reinstatement can only be gained through written request to Pelican Park.

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