The girl’s softball program has 1 season, Spring, a year.

  • Ages that can participate: 5, 6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/15 
  • Age as of date is December 31st of the previous year 
  • Registration is typically the beginning of February 
  • Evaluations typically follow registration. Two different days are offered for the players that may have a conflict with one day. 
  • Practices typically begin in April - one practice during the week 
  • Games typically start the end of April 
  • Uniforms: Players are furnished with shirts, visors, and socks. Each child is responsible for having a bat and glove. Pelican Park provides 5/6 year old coaches with an equipment bag with 2 batting helmets with faceguard. Pelican Park provides each coach with an equipment bag for 7 and above which includes 2 batting helmets with faceguards and all catchers’ equipment. 
Spring Season Age Specific Information

  • Child must be 5 by the age as of date-NO EXCEPTIONS 
  • Carpool, friend, neighbor request: staff and Age Group Director will make every attempt to honor these requests but we can make no guarantees. No changes will be made after the teams have been formed.  
  • Evaluations: No evaluations for these age groups 
  • Ball Used: The 5 & 6 yr old age groups use a safety softball. 
  • Bats Used:  A Tee Ball bat must be used in the 5 and 6 year old leagues. 
  • Helmets: Helmets are not required in the 5 year old league; however we do recommend that all players use a batting helmet with faceguard. Helmets with faceguard ARE REQUIRED in the 6 year old league. 
  • Games: Games are played on Saturday only until after school ends and then a weekday game and a Saturday game will be played. There will be no scores kept in this age group.  Games are scheduled every hour and half. The first ½ hour is for practice followed by a one hour game.  Teams play an 8 game season; no tournament 
  • Trophies: all players will receive a participation trophy.

Ages 7-15 
  • Carpool, friend or neighbor equests cannot be honored for ages 7 & up. Teams are formed based on player evaluation scores. 
  • Evaluations: Age groups 7-15 are evaluated. It is mandatory that your child be evaluated for team placement purposes. Evaluation scores are used in the team formation of teams so that equal talent is distributed amongst all teams. Only registered players will be allowed to evaluate. 
  • Games: Games are played on weeknights and weekends.  Game days for an age group are not determined until after registration ends.  All games will be played at Pelican Park. 
  • Practices: One practice per week during the regular season.  All practices are held at Pelican Park. 
  • Ball Used: The 7/8 year old league play with an 11” safety softball. The 9/10 year old league play with an 11” .47 core softball. Ages 11-15 play with a 12” .47 core softball. 
  • Helmets:  Helmets with faceguard ARE REQUIRED in ages 7-15.
  • Season: The season will consist of 12 games with a single elimination tournament. Every attempt will be made to make up rained out games but is not guaranteed. 
  • Awards: Ages 7-12 will receive participation trophies and 1st or 2nd season and 1st or 2nd tournament trophies. Ages 13-15 will receive participation t-shirt awards and 1st or 2nd season T-shirt awards and 1st or 2nd tournament T-shirt awards.
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