The boy’s tackle football program has one season a year, which is in the Fall. 

Ages eligible to participate: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12  (age-as-of-date is July 1st of the current year).

Registration is typically the end of July, beginning of August.

Evaluations typically follow registration. Two different days are offered for the players that may have a conflict with one day.

Practices typically begin the end of August, three practice during the week

Games typically start the beginning of September, 7 game season

Game Days ARE NOT determined until after registration ends, because of the unknown number of participants in an age group.

Games are officiated two certified official for age 7/8 and three certified officials for ages 9/10 & 11/12.

Scores and standings are kept
Single elimination post season tournament
All players will receive participation trophy
st and 2nd season trophy & 1st and 2nd tournament trophy are awarded 

Pelican Park has a minimum playing time rule depending on the number of players on the team roster.  Depending on the number of players on a roster the mandatory number of plays per player is as follows: 

17 or 18 players per roster – 17 plays 
19 or 20 players per roster – 16 plays 
21+ per roster – 15 plays

Age group skill player weight limits are as follows: 

7/8 year olds  - 95 lbs
9/10 year olds - 120 lbs
11/12 year olds - 140 lbs.

A skill position player is defined as a running back, end, receiver or quarterback (in other words, an offensive player that can advance the football during a play from scrimmage).

Uniforms: Players are furnished with jersey, helmet decals and socks. Each child is responsible for having shoulder pads, pants with pads, helmet and mouth piece. Pelican Park provides coaches with an equipment bag with 3 footballs (Teams usually choose white game pants. Wait to hear from your coach before purchasing).

Pelican Park Youth Tackle Football 5 & 6 Year Old Instructional Camp/ League

Pelican Park is proud to present a instructional camp/League for our 5 & 6 year old football players. This camp/League will be geared to teaching tackle football fundamentals at an early age in a NON-COMPETITIVE environment.

o Registration Fee includes cost of uniform jersey, socks, helmet decals/stripe, secondary medical insurance and participation awards

o Age of Date July 1, of current year (must be 5, No exceptions)

o Clinic dates are the first two weeks following labor day. The clinics are to help not only the players but the coaches to learn the proper football practice drills.

o After the initial two weeks of clinic there will be -1 hr practices a week of which one practice will be clinic style (Tuesdays) and one will be an independent team practice (Thursdays)

o A 5 just for fun game/scrimmage season. This is where the players will learn how to interact in game situations. The teams will have 10 plays or score to change the ball over.

o All players will learn all positions.

o Weight limit of 75 lbs to play a skills position.

o No evaluations

o No officials

o No scores or records kept

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