·       Practices begin the week of October 30th
·       Games begin the weekend of November 11th
·       Games will not be scheduled 11/20–11/24 (Thanksgiving Holidays) and 12/20–1/2 (Christmas Holidays)
·       Game days ARE NOT determined until after registration ends because of the unknown number of participants in an age group.
·       Pelican Park has a minimum playing time rule of 2 quarters; 1 full quarter (6 consecutive minutes) and the remaining 6 minutes can be used during the other 3 quarters
·Reversible jerseys will be included in the price of registration. Players are responsible for providing their own shorts.


·       6 Year Olds play an 8 game season; games are on weekends only (Saturday OR Sunday); one practice during the week; games are officiated by the coaches; no scores or standings are kept; no post season tournament; participation trophies for all.

·    7 Year Olds through 12 Year Olds play a 12 game season; ability-based leagues (see explanation below); games are on weekends (Saturday OR Sunday) AND on a weeknight; games are officiated by two certified officials; scores and standings are kept; single elimination post season tournament; participation trophies; 1st and 2nd season trophies; 1st and 2nd place tournament trophies. 

The ability-based format is designed to allow the more Advanced players within an age group to participate in a Biddy League oriented to competitive play, while the Recreation League will be for less experienced players and provide emphasis on fundamentals. The objective is that there will be no major differences between the Biddy and Recreation Leagues. In order for an age group to be split into two leagues there must be a minimum of 10 teams. The leagues will be split on a maximum 40-60% basis, with the players evaluating the highest in a combination of individual and game skills being placed in the Biddy League and the remainder of the players participating in the Recreation League. Parents may request that players only participate in the Recreation League, even if their child evaluates as a Biddy player. A player must be evaluated in order to participate in the Biddy League.

Play-up requests can only be done at the time of registration.   You will have to come into the office and fill out a play-up request form. 

                             BOYS BASKETBALL EVALUATION SCHEDULE

Players must be registered in the league in order to evaluate. Registration will not be taken at evaluations. Unregistered players will not be allowed to evaluate.

It is highly recommended that each participant attend evaluations. This enables us to evenly distribute teams as best possible. Any player that does not evaluate will have the following restrictions:

·        A point cap per game will be accessed as follows:
   o          7 Year Olds – 10 points per game
   o          8 & 9 Year Olds – 12 points per game
   o          10, 11, & 12 Year Olds – 14 points per game
·        Will not be allowed to be a pool player
·        Will not be allowed to play in the Biddy League

You will be able to check in up to 10 minutes after the scheduled time. If you come later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time you will not be able to evaluate.

                                AGE GROUP EVALUATION SCHEDULE

                                                     6 Year Olds
6 Year Old Boys Do Not Evaluate

                                                     7 Year Olds
Saturday 10/14    Check in – 3:30pm-3:45pm    Brown Gym    Starts approximately at 3:30pm
Monday 10/16     Check in – 5:30pm-5:45pm    Brown Gym    Starts approximately at 5:30pm
The evaluation may take up to ½ -1 hour to complete

                                                    8 Year Olds
Saturday 10/14   Check in – 3:00pm-3:15pm    Brown  ym     Starts approximately at 3:00pm
Monday 10/16    Check in – 6:30pm-6:45pm    Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 6:30pm
              The evaluation may take up to ½ -1 hour to complete

                                                   9 Year Olds
Saturday 10/14   Check in – 2:30pm-2:45pm     Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 2:30pm
Monday 10/16     Check in – 7:30pm- 7:45pm    Brown Gym    Starts approximately at 7:30pm
              The evaluation may take up to ½ -1 hour to complete

                                                  10 Year Olds
Saturday 10/14   Check in – 2:00pm-2:15pm    Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 2:00pm
Monday 10/16    Check in – 5:45pm- 6:00pm    Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 5:45pm
              The evaluation may take up to ½ -1 hour to complete

                                                  11 Years Olds
Saturday 10/14   Check in – 1:30pm-1:45pm    Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 1:30pm
Monday 10/16    Check in – 6:45pm- 7:00pm    Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 6:45pm
             The evaluation may take up to ½ -1 hour to complete

                                                  12 Year Olds
Saturday 10/14   Check in – 1:00pm-1:15pm    Brown Gym      Starts approximately at 1:00pm
Monday 10/16     Check in – 7:45pm- 8:00pm   Brown Gym     Starts approximately at 7:45pm
              The evaluation may take up to ½ -1 hour to complete 




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