Coaches Code of Conduct


I will not curse, use profanity, or engage in any public confrontation or open display of anger with the Advisory Board members, Age Group Directors, referees, Pelican Park staff, Score Keepers, parents, or players.

I will not use illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco during any practice or game.  I will not be under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol while the players participating in this league are under my care and direction.

I will not run up a score on any team or coach and I will abide by the rules set forth to govern these situations in my age group.  I will alternate player positions and playing time to accomplish this goal.

I will treat all Pelican Park staff, referees, Advisory Board members, Age Group Directors, parents and players with the utmost respect, just as I want to be treated.  I will not verbally abuse, physically abuse, or intimidate and of the fore mentioned participants.

I will abide by all particular age group rules.

I will instruct any of my team’s parents to cease disruptive behavior, if it occurs during a game or practice.  I understand if I am not able to curtail the disruptive behavior of a particular parent, the referee may call the game, and my team will forfeit the game.

I recognize and understand coaching is a privilege granted to me by Pelican Park and can be rescinded at any time, at the will of Pelican Park staff.

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