The Cages at Pelican Park are now closed for the winter

batting cagesRecreation District #1 is pleased to offer a 9-station, token-operated batting cage known as The Cages at Pelican Park.

The batting cages are currently closed for the winter.

The cages have 3 stations that are exclusively for baseball and four others that can pitch either baseball or softball. The pitching speed on each station is set differently to accommodate ages and abilities. There are 2 stations just for fast pitch softball and the four dual stations mentioned above can pitch baseball or softball with one being fast and 3 slow pitch.

Tokens are $1.00 each and allow the batter 15 pitches/balls.

The token machine accepts currency from $1:00 - $20 bills. For $1.00 you receive 1 token. For $5.00 you receive 5 tokens. For $10.00 you receive 11 tokens. If you put in a $20.00 bill you receive 23 tokens. Tokens can be kept and used at a later date.

Teams in our regular baseball and softball programs will be scheduled practice slots prior to their season in the cages at no charge.

The cages are open to those 6 years of age and older. It is recommended that all batters wear a helmet.

PLEASE NOTE: Batting cage balls are not regular balls and new technology bats are not recommended to be used, as these types of balls could damage them.

If someone forgets their equipment the District may have available various bats or helmets for public use, but these come with no safety guarantee or guarantee of availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Pelican Park Batting Cages

What are the hours of operation?
The hours of operation change throughout the year. Please see the current hours at the top of this page. The Cages are typically closed during the Winter. 

What ages can use the batting cages?
Users must be 6 years of age for safety reasons.

How much does it cost?
Tokens can be purchased at the Park for use in the machines. The cost for tokens is as follows:

$1.00 – 1 token
$5.00 – 5 tokens
$10.00 – 11 tokens (buy 10 get 1 free)
$20.00 – 23 tokens (buy 20 get 3 free)

Sorry, the machine only takes paper currency and does not accept credit cards.
The tokens can be kept and used when you visit again to the batting cages.

How many pitches do I get for one token?
You get 15 pitches for your one token.

Do I need my own helmet?
No.  However it is recommended that all users of The Cages wear a helmet. The Park will have some used helmets available in the event you want to borrow one, but these helmets come with no guarantee of cleanliness or proper fitting.

Do I need my own bat?
No.  However it is recommended that users bring their own. The Park will have used bats available for use but these bats come with no guarantee of proper size or safety issues.  Please note: The balls used in the batting cages are not regular baseball and softballs.  It is NOT recommended to use an expensive high technology bat in the cages as it could damage the bat.

I’m just learning to play or I’m a travel team player….is there a machine for me?
Each of the machines are marked as each has a different speed. The “slow” baseball is for young players or someone just starting to play. We have “intermediate” and “fast” speed machines as well as fast and slow pitch softball machines.

How many stations are there?
There are nine (9) stations all together. Three (3) are for baseball only, four (4) have dual machines and can throw baseball or softball and three (2) only throw softball. We have machines for both fast and slow pitch softball.

What happens to the revenue generated by the batting cages?
After the cost of operating the cages is paid, all other revenue will be directed back to the operations and maintenance of the Park in general.

Can the machines be rented by the hour for team practices or parties?
The teams in the Park’s regular youth baseball and softball programs will be given practice slots prior to their season in the cages at no charge. At this time, we do not have hourly rates.

Can the machines be used after a rain?
No, not immediately. Rain creates problems for the machines and balls. After a rain the machines have to be closed and dried to make sure the balls are thrown consistently.

The opening of these batting cages signals the completion of all components of the Citizen Driven Master Plan for Pelican Park. The Master Plan was conducted in 1999. During the Master Plan process, the public attended 6 input meetings listening to all aspects of recreation and what people wanted in Pelican Park. The citizens developed a priority list of facilities and the Board of Commissioners adopted this list without change. The batting cage construction was delayed till after the completion of Phase 3 and Phase 4 to ensure enough funds were available for the construction of the playing fields...

General rules for use of The Cages at Pelican Park

  1. All users and visitors are guests of the Park and can be asked to leave the area if violating a Park rule.
  2. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and action. No person under the age of 16 should use the cages without adult supervision.
  3. The Cages are always staffed with Park personnel.
  4. No alcohol is allowed in the Park.
  5. No smoking is allowed within 100 feet of the batting cages.
  6. No more than one person is allowed in the cage at one time.
  7. Hanging on gates, climbing the fence, inappropriate playing around etc are not allowed.
  8. No skateboards, skates, bikes, scooters, rip sticks etc allowed at the batting cages.

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